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Why Tsaglis?

Not all olive oil is the same, even amongst the premium extra virgin category. Why is that? It is because each olive oil is derived from different species of olives available to their region. Tsaglis utilizes the famous Koroneiki variety which is known to produce very high quality olive oil. Where the olive is grown is almost as important as the olive itself.

 Our olives are grown in the Messinia region and it is recognized as the premier center for growing olives, there are few places that can rival all the conditions found here that olives love.  A superior olive species and superior region that they are grown in results in an olive oil that is unmatched. It is of the highest quality attainable, which far exceeds the minimum requirement to be called 'extra virgin'. Olive oil extracted from Koroneiki olives of the Messinia region is known as being one of the best olive oils in the world. It is also recognized by its potent health benefits since it is such a high quality, it boasts high antioxidant levels along with other compounds that can help heal an array of different ailments.



This olive oil rarely gets the recognition it deserves. And that is because 90% of Greek oil is exported to the rest of the European Union (mostly Italy) which is blended with other types and grades of olive oil and re-branded as Italian,Spanish, or some other Mediterranean country's oil, thus losing its identity and badge of honor as being a Koroneiki olive grown in Greece. What Tsaglis delivers is a pure olive oil, which is among the best produced anywhere in the world, at prices that offer tremendous value!